Day 89: Shikayatein

On a rainy nigth in my bedroom.. Listening to shikayatein from #lootera.. I love the lyrics of this song sooo much….

Naa udne ki iss dafaa thaani
Parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani
Andhere ko baahon mein leke
Ujaale ne ghar basaaya hai
Churaya tha jo chukaaya hai…..Shiqayatein mitaane lagi

Written in simple Hindi..but so deep in meaning. I really wish the quality of Hindi film music and especially, lyrics  improves. God knows we have had enough of #LungiDance and #HookahBar kinda lyrics.

And yes I haven’t yet taken down my xmas lights. Because it still feels like winter. Dont judge.



~ by Pooja Shean on April 8, 2014.

One Response to “Day 89: Shikayatein”

  1. Hey, I just saw, one of your categories is “Foodgasam”. I love the name. Well 50% atleast. Dont Judge! :P

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