The return of Khokababu.

A wonderful read. Short stories from the master story teller Tagore. Not that his writings need any introduction.But as I flicked through pages and pages of story telling at its best, I realized one thing. Tagore’s stories are as readable and relatable as they were a century ago..(which is when they were actually written). Each story has a timeless quality about it.. And the fact that they were partly true stories almost takes a light leap and knocks straight on your heart…

Yeah. And I am saying this after having read some of the stories more than once.

Call me a retard….call me a fool…

But whether it is  joy or pain…laughter or tears….at the end of the day…We are all suckers for emotions.

And some how mange to let a story get to you.. an old, old story….


~ by Pooja Shean on May 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “The return of Khokababu.”

  1. Send me a copy of the book ya

  2. i love it

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