Work Trivia

Things we can’t do without at work

1. A coffee machine. How else can we bounce off the walls and drive the boss nuts?

2. Office gossip. I seriously think this increases productivity.

3. Kickass colleagues. The ones who share lunch with you, and will cover up for you if u have to leave early or will warn you when the toilet paper rolls in the loo are about to run out…and will water your bamboo shoots while you are away. Sigh.. What would we do without them??

4. Cake Cutting sessions. No prizes for guessing where all the cream goes!

5.  Friday evening highs!

6. Increments/Variable Pays. Although everyone’s learning to do without these now.

Things we can do without at work

1. Firewalls and Antispam..Grrrr…Cant even login to cricinfo or Yahoo to check the score. Nor can we book tickets on Book my show…

2. Stationary Thieves. Seriously, tell me and I will buy you a pen. Just don’t steal mine!!

3. Loud bosses who do not shut their cabin doors and disturb everyone else on the floor.

4. Prolonged meetings especially on a Friday evening. In our teams case the meeting agenda can drift towards naval warships or free matrimonial advice.

5. Monday Morning Blues.. I wish there was a pain killer to fix this one.

6. Problematic Printers. They give up just when you are about to enter a meeting with the numbers. Always.


~ by Pooja Shean on May 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Work Trivia”

  1. ahem !!! ahem !!! i cud add some more..but refrain..

  2. Good one pooh!!Had a laugh riot reading this one. You seemed to have to caught the pulse of a workplace spot on.

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